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Cree8 provide logo design and professional promotional video creation. Based in Tamworth, we work with clients all over the UK.

Your identity matters and once you have your branding set, chances are you will want to keep it the same for a long time – so get it right first time!

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Your organisation logo can be the basis for a lot of existing and future branding. Uniforms, stationary, advertising, website – they all will all carry the logo and very often it will determine colours used throughout your future projects.

At Cree8 we can design your logo based on your services and name with the emphasis being on modern and ready to stand the test of time.

The logo will be supplied in all formats needed for print and digital.

Professional videos can be one of the best ways to showcase your services or products.

Audiences are now accustomed to seeing video previews and even learning through video tutorials. 

It can capture an audience like no other medium and a great looking video enhances any page of a website or social media.

We can use your raw footage or even images to piece together a beautiful video to share.

We also have software to determine the best titles, descriptions and tags to use when uploaded to YouTube to get it ranking high and quickly.

YouTube is owned by Google and its ability to boost rankings of websites should not be ignored.

Cree8 in Tamworth would love to help with your branding.

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