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Fully Responsive Websites

all of our websites are fully responsive – that means no matter what device your client views your website from, it will look it’s best!

Social Media Integration

Cree8 website design will seamlessly integrate your Social media accounts with your website – this helps website rankings & client navigation

Cree8 Website Design & Hosting

beautiful, bespoke website’s built with your idea’s & our design

Website Hosting

at Cree8 we can host your website securely and affordably with an SSL Certificate as standard

Cree8 – Our Recent Work

some examples of our websites

RMC Steel Fabrications asked us to help with their online presence.

We built a brand new website for them along with logo and also set up their Google Business listing and email.

The site will have more pages and content as time goes on, getting it live was the priority and then it will evolve as time goes on.

The website is hosted by Cree8.

Good luck to the team at RMC!

AJT Cleaning had an existing website that they had made themselves which was created at a free website building platform.

The website worked but didn’t rank and had content that needed completely rewriting. The navigation wasn’t clear and the SEO wasn’t right. They were also advised by other companies that they couldn’t target larger towns for SEO and work.

We changed this way of thinking, made a completely new website for them and helped with getting their new hosting and settings all in order! The new website has lots of contact options, Newsletter option and Google Analytics.

The new site is hosted by the client.

Good luck to the team at AJT Cleaning – its a young business with big ideas and we are sure the new site will help achieve them!

Elite Refinishing asked us for help with their existing website.

Unfortunately the original website wasn’t working – it didn’t rank organically, text and images were unreadable or falling off the pages, contact forms that didn’t send emails to the client so they never got any enquiries, mobile menu not visible and the original website builder had disappeared!

They now have a brand new website, a navigation menu that changes for desktop and mobile view and lots of contact points for the customer to get in touch!

We also helped the client rank their Google My Business listing.

The website is now all set to start ranking organically – you just watch!

The client host the site on their own package.

Good luck now to the guys at Elite Refinishing!

Carpet Kleen asked us to overhaul their existing website.

We actually built their original website over 10 years ago before the age of responive design! The website always ranked at the top of Google but needed bringing into the new era.

We were able to keep the original content, add some new and completely redesign the rest of the websites platform so it had a new modern look and is now responsive for all devices.

They kept their own hosting package and domian name.

Alpha Blasting UK are based in Birmingham and were recommended to us to build them a brand new website.

They are an existing, successful business but wanted to enter the new age and get online!

We built their website and arranged their Google My Business listing and had them online in no time at all. We managed to get their website crawled in less than 48 hours and its now ready to rise in the rankings! The website is hosted with us with free SSL.

Good luck to the Alpha Blasting UK team – we are sure you will smash it, or should we say blast it!!!

Aqua Fresh Floor Care asked us to completely rework their existing website – they found their present site restricted them for social media intergration and had no way for them to add new content themselves in the form of a Blog.

It also gave them an opportunity to re-evaluate their content, realising that after taking away the images, there was an improvement needed on the text content of the old website.

We were happy to assist – we also gave them some coaching for free on their Google My Business listing which had an immediate positive impact.


Hydroclean asked us to build a new website for them – the domain had been used before but they let the website expire as it wasn’t performing as it should.

As the client has a Google My Business listing set up for another similar category, we were unable to add this to their Google listing. The client also had specific text they wanted to use for content which limited us for SEO in the content apart from some additions we could add.

Therefore the majority of SEO for this website is done on the back end – we’ll be checking to see if we can get this one ranking!

Kingdecor Services needed help in getting their business online. They had no live website and mainly marketed through Facebook.

We arranged their Google My Business listing and were able to get them number one on the maps for their main target search the day after their listing was verified.

After their website was built and uploaded, within 3 days they were already ranking organically for their main target search on Google – page one, around position 4!

Blog and for sale pages were also added for them to update easily in the future.

Hosted by Cree8.

SK Spraying needed a rework of their exisiting website. The old website wasn’t performing for any searches on Google and the content and page speeds were poor.

We completely reworked the website, adding full social media integration and animation on fresh SEO content.

The new website was ranking towards the top of page one on Google for their priority searches within one week. A blog was also included for the client.

The domain and hosting remained on the clients existing package.

New Look Clean had a website that performed well locally on Google but contained flash banners which are now not supported and wasn’t responsive for mobile devices.

We overhauled the website, keeping content close to how it was before but with fresh SEO and a blog page.

The new website is fully responsive with lots of animation and working headers.

They have retained their rankings and are now ready to continue with a modern website for a modern era of devices!

The hosting and domain remained on the clients existing package.

Hurley Post Office and Stores needed a website to showcase their full range of services and to link to their Facebook Page.

They had no Google My Business listing so we arranged that for them and added their new website address and information.

SEO wasn’t a priority but they needed to be able to add offers and noticeboard posts themselves in the future. We enabled this for them and they can now update those pages when they wish easily and quickly with no help needed from us!

Hosted by Cree8.

JPP Cleaning asked us to help with their online presence.

They have an existing website due to expire later in the year but had no access to alter or cancel it.

The content on it was inappropiate for the existing business model and outdated.

There was also a problem with their Google My Business listing which had been suspended with the client being completely unaware why (this is common due to simple errors in listings or duplicate listings.)

We made a brand new website that will replace the old one and now has appropiate content with SEO. We have had issues with ranking at first due to conflictions being thrown up by Google seeing both the old and the new website as possible duplication by the same business. We have worked to turn this around and the new website is now climbing the rankings well organically and about to break page one.

We also set about their Google My Business listing, found the problem and managed to get the suspension lifted. With the client now being in the top 3 on the Map listings for their search and having their new website address on the fixed Google listing, we have now resolved the isuues and they are back to getting work again from Google searches!

Hosted by Cree8.

DMC Refinishing asked us to build a new website for their fledging business to help take it to the next level.

The client has really embraced our advice on blogs, SEO and social media. They have worked hard and with our IT support, the hard work is paying off

The website has grown into a domain with great authority for its age and is now ranking top for the clients priority searches in a lot of areas throughout the country that they want to target.

They are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the UK for their industry and we are delighted to of been a part of it from the start.

Hosted by Cree8.